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Rigid Hitch Inc. has been serving the wholesale towing markets for over 60 years. We have created a number of discount programs that are designed to provide our wholesale partners with significant discounts that they may pass on to their customers. In addition to our expert product support, we pride ourselves in shipping most orders the same day that they are received.

Our Dealer price level provides the occasional business customers with a pricing schedule that allows them to provide quality towing products to their customers while making a reasonable margin without having to stock those products.

Our Jobber price level provides business customers with our best pricing. This price level is intended for businesses that typically stock our products for their customers.

We also provide special quotes on volume purchases and special order items from our over 100 vendors.

Please complete the New Dealer Registration form below and we will assign your price level when we enter your account into our system. Once entry is completed, we will notify you and you will see those prices appear on our website when you are logged in. Typically, we complete this process in less than an hour during normal business hours.

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